Open Rivers Scholarship to support Women in Science, Math and Environmental Studies



The pursuit of science, math, environmental studies and related fields is critical for the success of our society going forward.  This scholarship aims to support those who are passionate about these fields and who believe they can make a difference through the pursuit of these disciplines.  Open Rivers is committed to finding innovative and creative solutions to some of our most complex issues.  We believe that individuals who nurture their passion and expertise will be best able to contribute to these solutions and changes.  We also believe that significant participation and contribution from women is crucial for the advancement of these fields and will benefit us all.

Started in 2017, this scholarship is awarded annually to seniors graduating from Bethel High School and planning to attend an accredited college or university.  We emphasize the pursuit of studies and a career in fields of science, math, environmental studies or related fields.  It is critical that the recipients demonstrate a passion and desire to drive change through the pursuit of these studies.


Scholarship awardees

                      2017                                     2018

                          Jill Rodgers                                         Purna Dalal

                     Brynne Bosworth