Economic growth and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand.

Contrary to popular belief, economic growth does not have to come at the cost of environmental degradation, nor do strategies that promote environmental sustainability result in economic losses. Our firm is founded in the reality that the opposite is true – economic growth and environmental sustainability often go hand-in- hand. Our firm is founded on the belief that smart solutions result in a true “win-win” outcome by improving the economic measures that matter to our clients and the environmental and natural resources measures that matter broadly.


Science and data form the bedrock of solid decision making.

Science and data are critical to creating an objective common ground upon which to find creative and innovative solutions to move forward. Using data and analytics to test hypotheses, navigate solutions and create consensus across stakeholders forms a critical element of our work.

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Diverse thinking drives innovation and creative solutions.

The mixing of different ideas and perspectives produces some of the most innovative and creative thinking – we live by that principle. Bringing together complementary skills fuels varied thinking that leads to innovative solutions. We help our clients tackle some of the most complex problems facing this world today. This necessitates the use of diverse channels of thoughts and perspectives.

Innovation and creativity occur in the white water.

Navigating through whitewater is never easy but it is a common feature of many water systems, especially when moving from one river to another. Similarly, we believe that finding the best solutions comes with some turbulence but that turbulence brings out the best in the solutions and moves us further through our journey. That same turbulence is what agitates the silt and helps uncover bedrock and other elements deep within a river. Similarly, we believe the process of finding solutions is a bit tumultuous but unearths some of the most valuable insights